Jakub Szumiński


Ok, let me help you out a bit with the whole name thing. My full name is Jakub Szumiński but everyone at Black Label, including our clients, calls me Szumi (Shoomy).

I’m a full stack frontend Developer that’s passionate about technology in its many shapes and forms. I love taking on new technical challenges and improving my skills at work and by taking part in Hackathons. Currently I’m fascinated by the cross-section of AI & dataviz and interested in exploring the ML Ops space.

I started my Black Label adventure on the Highcharts support team but quickly branched out to Highcharts product development and working on custom dataviz projects for clients like 55 Degrees and Proresult. I’ve always been happy to share my knowledge and passion with others and I’m excited to take this to the next level in my articles for Blog Label.

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