We’re the original support and development team for Highcharts products.

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12+ years

Since 2010 we’ve been the primary developer of  the Highcharts product ecosystem and in 2019 became Product Owners for seve ral Highcharts Products.

37+ Countries

We are based in the heart of Europe  but we regularly work with companies  just like yours from all over the world.

130+ Customers

We’ve helped over 130 customers  develop and implement customized  Highcharts-based solutions. 

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Black Label has been Highsoft’s valued partner since 2010, the year after Highcharts’ launch. They have deep knowledge of the Highcharts library, both through technical support, custom adaptations and core development. They have indeed developed or participated in developing many of the libraries’ components.The Highcharts Core Developer team consists of members of both Highsoft and Black Label. We have utter trust in Black Label’s competence and dedication to the project and recommend them for any work related to Highcharts.
Torstein Honsi Owner, CPO at Highsoft

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