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Black Label community benefits

Like most companies, we of course have our regular work routines, but we’re also quite flexible and we have a lot of fun as well! Everyone is treated as an individual and we look out for your preferences and needs. For example, if you are a student, your working hours can shift around your study schedule. If you become a parent (congrats!), see you after you’ve caught up on your sleep. Want to bring a pet to work? You’re more than welcome; we love our furry teammates. Overall, it’s important to us that everyone feels happy and comfortable here. Black Label has no labels.

Current openings

Hiring Process

Junior/Mid/Senior Developers

1. Discovery call

A short 20 min chat with our HR Manager Beata where she’ll tell you a bit more about Black Label and you can have the chance to get to know each other.

Timeframe: Up to 3 working days after you apply.

2. Meeting us

A few casual conversations followed by a meeting with some of our devs to talk tech and solve problems together.

Timeframe: 2h total and ideally within 5 working days of the discovery call. This meeting can be done onsite or remotely but if remote, we’ll plan an additional in person meeting at a later date.

3. Meeting our partner (optional)

A short video call with one of our client’s devs to see if there’s chemistry.

Timeframe: Within 5 working days of the first meeting.

4. Summary call

A final call with our CEO Greg to summarise the process.

Hiring team

Highcharts Team Lead, Developer
Senior Developer
Paweł Fus
Product Owner Highcharts Stock, Senior Developer
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

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