Grzegorz Blachliński

Chief Operating Officer

I started my professional journey as a Medical Physicist, and then moved into IT as a JavaScript Developer, transitioned to a Project Manager and eventually became COO. This career path might not be so obvious for some, but I guess I’m something akin to an Inspector Gadget – juggling multiple roles and tools to help solve the company’s many mysteries. I’m someone who loves not only to make processes just work but also with and for the people at the heart of them. This has been true throughout my career in every role I’ve held.

My short journey in Medical Physics wasn’t just cool, clear cognition and logic-based assessments, but I needed to learn people skills and become passionate about the subject matter to be an effective scientist. It’s similar to Project Management where the people involved in the process are as important as the project itself. I’m all about tech with a human face, or presenting the human face of tech. 

After juggling various agile roles as a one-man Project Management team, we hired other Project Managers and I transitioned into the role of Chief Operating Officer at Black label. Now after finally getting my feet under me as our COO, I’m beginning a new chapter as a fake-it-till-I-make-it blog writer, sharing my knowledge and experience of Operating a successful IT Services company with all of you wonderful people.

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