Headcount: 20
Partner since: 2010

Product Owners, developers and R&D team for the leading JavaScript charting tool in the world

We were the first external company Highcharts hired to support their product. We started with one support engineer and have scaled alongside Highcharts to now having several teams with POs, Scrum Masters, and senior developers. This cooperation illustrates the true potential of in-house sourcing.

Tools: Javascript, React, Node, Scrum
Website: highcharts.com
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Black Label has been Highsoft’s valued partner since 2010, the year after Highcharts’ launch. They have deep knowledge of the Highcharts library, both through technical support, custom adaptations and core development. They have indeed developed or participated in developing many of the libraries’ components.

The Highcharts Core Developer team consists of members of both Highsoft and Black Label. We have utter trust in Black Label’s competence and dedication to the project and recommend them for any work related to Highcharts.
Torstein Honsi Owner, CPO at Highsoft


Headcount: 5
Partner since: 2020

Building and one of the most innovative Farming Apps in Europe

Our collaboration on this game-changing Farming app illustrates perfectly how we were able to grow with our client. Farmable began working with two Black Label front-end developers and as they slowly grew, they continued to add more of our developers until we became a tech team of four driven by one of our experienced Scrum Masters.

Tools: React, Redux, GraphQI, Scrum
Website: farmable.tech
Farmable started working with Black Label in 2020 when we started developing our second product. Our collaboration has grown over time, and the Black Label dev team is now working like an integrated part of our own organization. Black Label is an important part of Farmable’s execution capacity, and we see even more growth potential in our work together moving forward.
Lars Petter Blikom Co-founder & CEO


Headcount: 4
Partner since: 2019

Driving core R&D initiatives for a Smart Housing Rental Platform

Our cooperation with Invite began with just a single front-end developer on a discounted trial. Now, after almost three years and several growth spurts, we have a full-stack, scrum-driven team working on a daily basis as a core part of Invite’s R&D team that is disrupting the hospitality industry with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Tools: React, Node.js, Typescript, Postgresql, Cypress, Scrum
Website: intin.no
Building a state-of-the-art, global SaaS platform is a team sport. Work culture, communication and focus on a shared goal are all essential. Black Label knows how to play this game with the best of them.

Black Label developed a close-knit team of skilful engineers that quickly became the heart of our R&D efforts and an extension of our company. They took a lot of weight off our shoulders by managing the team while keeping us in the loop. This partnership has helped us to keep our eye on the ball so we can keep winning.
Rune Viken CTO & Product Owner


Headcount: 2
Partner since: 2022

Helping a Norwegian startup scale up their sleek Data Visualization Tool Suite

This data-visualization project is one our newest IT partnerships. Everviz is currently cooperating with one of our developers to both leverage his brainpower and knowledge of Highcharts to enhance their core team and improve their product offering.

Tools: Javascript, React, Redux, Node.js, Kanban
Website: everviz.com
We need to be sure that developers are truly involved and support our vision. This is what we get from cooperation with Black Label. They solve problems quickly, they don’t make assumptions without clarification, and they deliver. Highly recommended.
Håvard Tveit CEO at Everviz

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