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Dataviz in Action

Here we serve up the main dish of our dataviz meal: Real Use Cases of Datviz in the wild! Minimal theory and maximum practical examples – from mapping local traffic data to launching rockets into the stratosphere.

We’ve been in the Dataviz Biz for almost a decade and a half and have had the pleasure of working with companies from all over the world in almost every major industry. 

In this section we will feature some of the more interesting examples of dataviz we’ve come across in the wild as well as present fascinating case studies of client and partner projects.  

You’ll find surprising use cases and applications including car chases, local traffic patterns, crop-rotation dashboards and jet propulsion heat maps – this is the place where you can not only see some interesting data eye candy but also see spectacular charts in action. Each article explores a different use case showing how well-crafted data visualizations can accelerate your business or even help transform the city you live in!

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