Greg Iwacz

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Not too long ago I looked at my outdated LinkedIn tagline and smiled. It used to say: “Tech-savvy entrepreneur.” Oh, how little I knew when I scrawled that across my profile over a decade ago. Around the time I wrote it I had been instrumental in creating several SaaS platforms. But what I hadn’t realized yet was that my software company Black Label was in fact the best startup I could ever build.  It took me some time to understand that despite running a successful business, I’m much more of an aspiring leader than a natural born entrepreneur. 

Leadership runs in the family too, from my great grandfather serving as Chief of Police, to my grandfather combining running a factory under Communism with being a pillar of the local community, and then my mother heading a company famous for its quality, altruism, and devotion.

On my own journey, I have come to discover that curiosity and persistence are my superpowers, and these are the same drivers that resulted in two majors from top Polish Universities. I studied both Human-Computer Interaction and Telecommunication Networks and Services both of which helped firmly ground me in the tech industry and planted the seeds for running a successful software development company. That company would of course turn out to be Black Label, which I’ve now led as CEO for almost two decades. 

So, I decided to change my LinkedIn tagline and my personal description and I am finally embracing my role as a leader. I’m also excited to share my experience, curiosity and persistence for excellence and innovation with others here on Blog Label.

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