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Our new Web App leverages AI & Dataviz to help investors & traders easily understand advanced market insights.

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Turning News Feeds into Trading Milestones

Black Label’s R&D Team has developed a Web App prototype that leverages a custom AI model to filter Twitter (X) news feeds of leading analysts, official company profiles, and key influencers to deliver valuable market insights to both traditional investors (Stocks & Forex) and crypto (Bitcoin + Altcoins).

Tech Stack & Roadmap

To build our Web App we’re using a set of common fullstack solutions based on our team’s skills and experiences including React, Typescript and Highcharts Dataviz library on the frontend and Express on the backend. We’re still in the early stages of training our proprietary AI/ML model, but we’d love to tell you more about our technical roadmap on a demo call.

Black Label’s vision is all about making dataviz solutions work seamlessly and deliver valuable insights. Our R&D team is taking this to a new level by combining dataviz with the latest tools and technologies including developing and training our own AI model.

This Web App is an important milestone as it is our first time developing a solution with AI-curated market insights. We’re excited to hear your feedback.
Grzegorz Blachliński Chief Operating Officer

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Maciej Kucaba
Tech Lead, Developer